Wag the Dog
1997, 97 min.
Baltimore Pictures, Punch Productions, Tribeca Films
New Line Cinema

Dustin Hoffman (Stanley Moss), Robert De Niro (Conrad Brean,) Anne Heche (Winifred Ames), Woody Harrelson (Sgt. William Schumann), Denis Leary (Fad King), Willie Nelson (Johnny Green), Andrea Martin (Liz Butsky), Michael Belson (President), Suzanne Cryer (Amy Cain), John Michael Higgins (John Levy), Suzie Plakson (Grace), Kirsten Dunst (Tracy Lime), William H. Macy (Mr. Young)

Prod Barry Levinson, Robert DeNiro, Jane Rosenthal; Dir Barry Levinson; Scr Hilary Henkin, David Mamet; Dir of photogRobert Richardson (Technicolor); Music Mark Knopfler; Editor Stu Linder; Prod Des Wynn P. Thomas; Art dir Mark Worthington; Exec Prod Michael De Luca, Claire Rudnick Polstein, Ezra Swerdlow; Set dec Robert Greenfield

Genre: Comedy

Summary: It is two weeks before a re-election, and the President has been accused of improprieties with a Girl Scout in the White House. To salvage the election, Presidential adviser Winifred Ames hires a political consultant, Conrad Brean. Brean and Ames go to Hollywood, where they visit the mansion of producer Stanley Motss. Motss is given the assignment of creating a patriotic campaign surrounding a war in Albania. With his team--including a songwriter and a trend-spotter--Motss transmits the ads and footage from a Hollywood soundstage to CNN. A military prisoner stars in the campaign as a rescued pilot; however, the prisoner is his own loose cannon.