1982, 116 min.
Columbia Pictures

Dustin Hoffman (Michael Dorsey/Dorothy Michaels), Jessica Lange (Julie), Teri Garr (Sandy), Dabney Coleman (Ron), Charles Durning (Les), Bill Murray (Jeff), Sydney Pollack (George Fields), George Gaynes (John Van Horn), Geena Davis (April), Doris Belack (Rita), Ellen Foley (Jacqui), Peter Gatto (Rick), Lynne Thigpen (Jo), Ronald L. Schwary (Phil Weintraub), Debra Mooney (Mrs. Mallory), Amy Lawrence (Amy), Kenny Sinclair (Boy), Susan Merson (Page), Michael Ryan, James Carruthers (Middle-Aged Men), Robert D. Wilson (Stage Hand), Estelle Getty (Middle-Aged Woman), Christine Ebersole (Linda), Bernie Pollack, Sam Stoneburner (Actors), Marjorie Lovett (Salesgirl), Willy Switkes (Man at Cao), Gregory Camillucci (Maitre d'), Barbara Spiegel (Billie), Tony Craig (Joel), Walter Cline (Bartender), Suzanne von Schaack (Party Girl), Anne Shropshire (Mrs. Crawley), Pamela Lincoln (Secretary), Mary Donnet (Receptionist), Bernie Passeltiner (Mac), Mallory Jones, Patti Cohane (Girls), Murray Schisgal; (Party Guest), Greg Gorman (Photographer), Anne Prager (Acting Student), John Carpenter, Bob Levine (Actors), Richard Whiting (Priest), Tom Mardirosian, Jim Jansen (Stage Managers), Richard Wirth (Mel), Gavin Reed (Director), Annie Korzen, Ibbits Warriner, Lois de Banzie, Stephen C. Prutting, Carole Holland (Autograph Hounds).

Prod Sydney Pollack, Dick Richards; Dir Sydney Pollack; Scr Larry Gelbart, Murray Schisgal; Dir of photog Owen Roizman (Panavision, Technicolor); Music David Grusin; Editors Fredric Steinkamp, William Steinkamp; Production Designer Peter Larkin; Set dec Tom Tonery; C09, Ruth Morley; Makeup Dorothy Pearl, George Masters

Genre: Comedy

Summary: Michael Dorsey is a struggling actor who has a reputation for being difficult to work with. (If he is playing a tomato in a commercial, he needs to understand the tomato's motivation.) When he hears about an opening on a soap opera, he plans to audition--even though the part is for a woman. He gussies himself in a wig, makeup and dress, and as "Dorothy Michaels" charms and impresses the production team with "her" home-spun wit and straightforwardness. As Michael continues to masquerade as the woman, Dorothy's star rises fast, and the soap's ratings soar. Meanwhile, Michael is falling in love with one of the soap's stars, Julie, who is dating the director. They have become girlfriends and Julie has invited Michael up to her family's country farm. On the farm, Julie's single father develops a crush on Dorothy. No longer able to continue with the charade, Michael shockingly reveals that Dorothy is a man to his loyal audience during a live taping. As a man, he pledges his love to Julie, but she tells him she misses Dorothy. The two get together, with Michael acknowledging the personal transformation he has undergone while disguised as Dorothy: Living as a woman has made him a better person, and therefore, a better man.