The Tiger Makes Out
1967, 94 min.
Elan Productions; A George Justin Production
Columbia Pictures

Eli Wallach (Ben Harris), Anne Jackson (Gloria Fiske), Bob Dishy (Jerry Fiske), John Harkins (Leo), Ruth White (Mrs. Kelly), Roland Wood (Mr. Kelly), Rae Allen (Beverly), Sudie Bond (Miss Lane), David Burns (Mr. Ratner), Jack Fletcher (Pawnbroker), Bibi Osterwald (Mrs. Ratner), Charles Nelson Reilly (Registrar), Frances Sternhagen (Lady on bus), Elizabeth Wilson (Receptionist), Kim August (Toni Songbird), Alice Beardsley (Kentucky neighbor), Mariclare Costello (Rosi), David Doyle (Housing clerk), Dustin Hoffman (Hap), Michele Kesten (Waitress), James Luisi (Pete Copolla), Remak Ramsey (Housing guard), Sherman Raskin (Red Schwartzkopf), John Ryan (Toni's escort), Oren Stevens (Policeman), and Edgar Stehli (Old man) .

Prod George Justin; Dir Arthur Hiller; Scr Murray Schisgal (based on his play "The Tiger" by Murray Schisgal); Dir of photog Arthur J. Ornitz (Eastmancolor, print by Pathe); Prod Des Paul Sylbert; Music Shorty Rogers; Editor Robert C. Jones; Set dec John Godfrey; Makeup Martin Bell

Genre: Comedy

Summary: During a typically disaster-filled day, Ben Harris, an angry and frustrated bachelor mailman living in a cluttered Greenwich Village basement, learns he has been paying rent to a woman who hasn't owned his building in 6 years; the lady upstairs puts her leg through his ceiling; and a visit to the Housing Authority to complain about the condition of his apartment is so maddening that he nearly strangles a civil servant. No longer able to endure the injustices of society, he decides to activate the ferocious tiger within himself by abducting a helpless female and dragging her back to his lair. But Ben snares Gloria Fiske, a suburban housewife as frustrated as himself, whose middle-class husband has been ridiculing her for wanting to continue her education. As Ben and Gloria discuss their mutual disdain for society, a rapport develops between them. Gloria persuades Ben to see his former landlady, Mrs. Kelly, and demand his rent money back; she also offers to give him weekly French lessons. When Ben and Gloria go for the rent refund, the eccentric Mr. and Mrs. Kelly offer Ben a small apartment in their building to atone for taking his money. Gloria helps Ben move in and stays on for a few hours as his willing captive. When she leaves, however, Ben follows her home and, unable to resist the impulse to be near her, climbs through her bedroom window. Instead of Gloria, he finds her startled husband. Fleeing from the scene, Ben races back to the Kellys and is welcomed into their bed to watch television and eat fried chicken. He has found at least a temporary haven from the troubled world outside.— From the AFI Catalogue of Feature Films