Straight Time
1978, 114 min.
First Artists-Sweetwall Film
Stanley Beck-Tim Zinnemann-Howard B. Pine
Warner Bros.

Dustin Hoffman (Max Dembo),Theresa Russell (Jenny Mercer), Gary Busey (Willy Darin), Harry Dean Stanton (Jerry Schue), M. Emmet Walsh (Earl Frank), Rita Taggart (Carol Schue), Kathy Bates (Selma Darin), Sandy Baron (Manny), Jacob Busey (Henry Darin), Edward Bunker (Mickey), James Ray (Jewelry Store Manager), Stuart I. Berton (Salesman No. 1), Barry Cahill (Salesman No. 2), Corey Rand (Carlos), Fran Ryan (Cafe Owner), Tina Menard (Hotel Manager), Peter Kwong (Grocery Clerk), Betty Jane Howarth (Employment Clerk), David Kelly (Counter Man), Emily LaRue (Girl), John Colton (2nd Beach Boy), John Gilgreen (Bank Guard), Peter Jurasik (Bank Teller)

Exec Prod Howard Pine; Prods Dustin Hoffman, Stanley Beck, Tim Zinnemann; Dir Ulu Grosbard; Scr Jeffrey Boam, Edward Bunker, Alvin Sargent; Dir of photog Paul Lohmann, Owen Roizman (Technicolor); Music David Shire; Editors Sam O'Steen, Randy Roberts Prod Des Stephen B. Grimes, Richard J. Lawrence, James Newport; Set dec Marvin March; Costumes Bernie Pollack; Asst. Director Jack Roe; Stunts/Stunts Coordinator Everett Creach, Dick Ziker; Sound/Sound Designer Richard Portman, Jim Webb

Genre: Drama

Summary: Max Dembo wants to go straight, but the paroled criminal's attempts are second-guessed and stymied by his bullying parole officer. After his parole officer unfairly throws him back in jail for a week, he hijacks the parole officer's car, and from that point, returns to a life of crime. With some cooperation from his buddies Willie and Jerry, Max robs a bank. The robbers escape the scene in time, even though Max spends time grabbing more money after Jerry calls time. Eager to splurge on his girlfriend, he takes her to a Beverly Hills jewelry store and tells her to pick out anything she wants. While she's trying to choose, Max starts getting ideas: He makes plans to rob the store, using Jerry as his partner and Willie as the driver of the getaway car. The two criminals enter the store, and while Jerry keeps time, Max smashes the display cases open and grabs the expensive jewelry. When Jerry calls time, Max keeps on smashing and greedily digs up more gems. Jerry has had enough of Max's tunnel vision and demands that they move on. The two leave the store, and when they discover Willie has taken off, they flee for the Beverly Hills alleyways. Cops are on their way to the scene, but finally catch up with the two escaping men. As Max and Jerry climb a wall into a backyard, Jerry gets shot and killed. Max manages to get away, though, and picks up his girlfriend from work, urging her to flee with him. On the way out of town, Max murders Willie for bungling the crime and being responsible for Jerry's death. Deep in the desert it's clear that he is a doomed man.