1998, 133 min.
Warner Bros.

Dustin Hoffman (Dr. Norman Goodman), Sharon Stone (Beth Halperin), Samuel L. Jackson (Harry Adams), Peter Coyote (Barnes), Liev Schreiber (Ted Fielding), Queen Latifah (Fletcher), Marga Gomez (Jane Edmunds)

Prod Barry Levinson, Michael Crichton, Andrew Wald; Dir Barry Levinson; Scr Paul Attanasio, Stephen Hauser; Dir of photog Adam Greenberg; Music Elliot Goldenthal; Editor Stu Linder; Prod Des Peter Larkin; Art dir Mark Mansbridge, Jonathan McKinstry; Set dec Bill Beck, R. Gilbert Clayton, Michael Goldman, Erin Kemp, Anne Kuljian, Nancy Mickelberry, Nick Navarro, Dawn Swiderski; Costumes Gloria Gresham

Genre: Comedy

Summary: A team of scientific geniuses--psychologist Norman Goodman, biochemist Beth Halperin, astrophysicist Ted Fielding and mathematician Harry Adams--sets up in a Habitat one-thousand feet underwater to investigate a half-mile-long spacecraft resting on the South Pacific Ocean floor. The ship potentially has alien life aboard, and once the team boards the ship, it comes upon a shimmering, golden sphere. Then the Habitat computers starts to receive messages from the craft: At first they are innocuous ("I am happy"), but they soon become threatening ("I am going to kill you all."). Tension among the team mounts as the Habitat is attacked.