Rain Man
1988, 116 min.

Dustin Hoffman (Raymond Babbitt), Tom Cruise (Charlie Babbitt); Valeria Golino (Susannah); Jerry Molen Dr. (Bruner); Jack Murdock (John Mooney); Michael D. Roberts (Vern); Archie Hahn (Voice-over Actor); Royce D. Applegate (Voice-over Actor); Bonnie Hunt (Sally Dibbs); Lucinda Jenney (Iris); Luisa Leschin (Voice-over Actor); Barry Levinson (Dr.); Jocko Marcellino (Las Vegas Crooner); Ray Baker (Mr. Kelso); Chris Mulkey (Voice-over Actor); June Christopher (Voice-over Actor); Julie Payne (Voice-over Actor); Beth Grant (Mother at Farm House); Kim Robillard (Small Town Doctor); Reni Santoni (Voice-over Actor); Ralph Seymour (Lenny); Bridget Sienna (Voice-over Actor); Ruth Silveira (Voice-over Actor); Jonathan Stark (Voice-over Actor); Lynne Stewart (Voice-over Actor); Ralph Tabakin (Shift Boss); Arnold Turner (Voice-over Actor); Gigi Vorgan (Voice-over Actor)

Prod Mark Johnson, Lee Rich; Dir Barry Levinson; Scr Barry Levinson, Ronald Bass, Barry Morrow, David Rayfiel; Dir of photog John Seale; Music Hans Zimmer; Editor Stu Linder; Prod Des Ida Random; Art Dir William Elliott; Set dec Linda de Scenna; Costumes/Costume Des Bernie Pollack; Makeup Ed Butterworth

Genre: Drama

Summary: When greedy Charlie Babbitt finds out his recently deceased father has left him a classic Buick in his will instead of the bulk of his $3 million estate, he rushes off to his hometown of Cincinnatti to find out who inherited the money. Once there, he discovers that the main benefactor is Raymond Babbitt, an autistic savant brother whom he never knew about. Charlie is furious, and after trying to make a deal with Raymond's guardian, he takes Raymond out of the institution to try to get half the money. Soon, the two brothers are driving cross-country, where Charlie must accomodate to Raymond's habits, including his daily viewings of People's Court. When the two get to Las Vegas, Charlie tries to capitalize on Raymond's math talents, but soon begins to question his values and his attitude toward his brother. At the end of the trip, Charlie has come to the realization that he does love his brother.