1973, 116 min.
Allied Artists Pictures

Steve McQueen (Henn Chamere, Papillon), Dustin Hoffman (Louis Dega), Victor Jory (Indian Chief), Don Gordon (Julot), Anthony Zerbe (Toussaint, Leper Colony Chief), Robert Deman (Maturette), Woodrow Parfrey (Clusoit), Bill Mumy (Lariot), George Coulouris (Dr. Chatal), Ratna Assan (Zoraima), William Smithers (Warden Banrot), Gregory Siena (Antonio), Barbara Monison (Mother Superior), Ellen Moss (Nun), Don Hanmer (Butterfly Trader), Dalton Trumbo (Commandant), Val Avery (Pascal), Victor Tayback (Sergeant), Dar Robinson (McQueen's Cliff Stunt), Mills Watson (Guard), Ron Soble (Santini), E J. Andre (Old Con), Richard Angarola (Commandant), Jack Denbo (Classification Officer), Len Lesser (Guard), John Quade (Masked Breton), Fred Sadoff (Deputy Warden), Allen Jaffe (Turn-key), Liam Dunn (Old Trustee), Anne Byrne Hoffman (Mrs. Dega)

Prod Robert Dorfman, Franklin J Schaffner; Dir Franklin J Schaffner; Scr Dalton Trumbo Lorenzo Semple, Jr (based on the autobiographical novel by Henri Caniere); Dir of photog Fred Koenekamp (Panavision. Technicolor); Music Jerry Goldsmith; Editors Robert Swink; Prod Des Anthony Masters; Set dec Hugh Scaife; Art des Jack Maxsted; Cos Anthony Powell; Makeup Charles Schram

Genre: Prison Drama

Summary: Henri Charriere, a French convict also known as PAPILLON (The Butterfly), is found guilty of murdering a pimp, a charge for which he claims he's been framed. For punishment, he is put aboard a prison vessel and shipped off to French Guiana in South America. When Louis Dego is attacked by prisoners, Henri saves his life. The two become friends and begin to forge escape plans. After some of the plans fail, the two are carted off to Devil's Island, an "inescapable" prison island featuring deadly tides and treachorous cliffs. On Devil's Island Henri devises a final plan to escape the remote island.