1995, 127 min.
Warner Bros.

Dustin Hoffman (Sam Daniels), Rene Russo (Robby Keough), Morgan Freeman (Gen. Billy Ford), Kevin Spacey (Casey Schuler), Cuba Gooding, Jr. (Maj. Salt), Donald Sutherland (Gen. Donald McClintock), Diana Bellamy (Mrs Pananides), Robert Alan Beuth (George Armistead), Malick Bowens (Dr. Raswani), Mark Brown (Officer), J.J. Chaback (Nurse Jane), Daniel Chodes (Rudy Alvarez), George Christy (Senator), Patrick Dempsey (Jimbo Scott), Dale Dye Colonel (Briggs), Julie Araskog (Janet Adams), Cynthia Harrison (Co-anchor), Dana Anderson (Corinne), Susan Lee Hoffman (Dr. Lisa Aronson), Bruce Jarchow (Dr. Mascelli), Michelle Joyner (Sherry Mauldin), Lance Kerwin (American Mercenary), Joseph Latimore (Viper Two Co-Pilot), Peter Looney (White House Counsel), Gordon Michaels (Man in Line), Zakes Mokae (Dr. Benjamin Iwabi), Kellie Overbey (Alice),), Patricia Place (Mrs Foote), Jack Rader (Police Chief Fowler), Tim Ransom (Tommy Hull), Brian Reddy (Tracy's Father), Jim Antonio (Dr. Drew Reynolds), Mathew Saks (Sergeant Wolf), Conrad Bachmann (California Governor), Bill Stevenson (Biotest Guard), Ed Beechner (Gunner) .

Prod Wolfgang Petersen, Gail Katz, Arnold Kopelson; Dir Wolfgang Petersen; Scr Robert Roy Pool; Dir of photog Michael Ballhaus, David M. Dunlap, David Nowell; Music James Newton Howard; Editors William Hoy, Lynzee Klingman, Stephen E. Rivkin, Neil Travis; Prod Des William Sandell; Art dir Nancy Patton, Frank Pezza; Exec Prod Duncan Henderson, Anne Kopelson; Set dec Rosemary Brandenberg, Stella Furner, Eric Orbom, Thomas Reta, Carl Stensel; Costumes Erica Phillips

Genre: Science Fiction

Summary: Colonel Sam Daniels, M.C. has been sent by his commanding officer, General Billy Ford, to examine an outbreak of a virulent virus in the dense African rainforest. Deep within the tropical jungle, Sam discovers a village which has been obliterated by a horrific virus with a nearly 100% fatality rate. The population is dying off by the hour. Sam concludes that the killer virus is capable of spreading to the United States--if it hasn't already--and warns his superior officers to place the country on alert. He also advises his ex-wife, Robby, who is currently working for the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, of his urgent findings. Without explanation, however, Sam is taken off the investigation by General Ford, and. Meanwhile, Robby's supervisors refuse to heed the warnings. Robby and Sam await the worst. But as time passes and no reports of contagion are received, the medical emergency that could have decimated the country seems to have passed. Soon reports begin flowing into the agencies that a small California town's people are contracting flu-like symptoms, becoming progressively ill and dying within hours of being infected--in the same agaonizing way as the victims in Africa. Despite their personal differences, Robby and Sam agree to work together--and against their respective superiors--to try to contain the deadly disease before it spreads beyond the small community of Cedar Creek. Their race to find an anti-viral serum is further threatened by one of the nation's highest-ranking military officers, General McClintock, who has vowed not to let the virus out of Cedar Creek. --From Warner Bros. production notes