Marathon Man
1976, 125 min.
Paramount Pictures

Dustin Hoffman (Babe Leuy), Laurence Olivier (Szell), Roy Scheider (Doc Leuy), William Devane (Janeway), Marthe Keller (Elsa), Fritz Weaver (Prof. Biesenthal), Richard Bright (Karl), Marc Lawrence (Erhard), Allen Joseph (Babe's Father), Tito Goya (Melendez), Ben Dova (Szell's Brother), Lou Gilbert (Rosenbaum), Jacques Marin (LeClerc), James Wing Woo (Chen), Nicole Deslauners (Nicole), Lotta Andor-Palfi (Old Lady on 47th Street), Lionel Pina, Church, Tricoche, Jaime Tirelli, Wilfredo Hernandez (Street Gang), Harry Goz, Michael Vale, Fred Stuthman, Lee Steele (Jewelry Salesmen), William Martel (Bank Guard), Glenn Robards, Ric Carrott (Plainclothesmen), Alma Beltran (Laundress), Billy Kearns, Sally Wilson (Tourists), Tom Ellis (TV Announcer), Bryant Fraser (Young Photographer), George Dega (Hotel Valet), Gene Bori (French Doctor), Annette Claudier (Nurse), Roger Etienne (Headwaiter), Ray Serra (Truck Driver), Madge Kennedy (Lady in Bank), Jeff Palladini (Young Babe), Scott Price (Young Doc).

Prod Robert Evans, Sidney Beckerman; Dir John Schlesinger; Scr William Goldman (based on his novel); Dir of photog Conrad Hall (Panavision, Metrocolor); Music Michael Small; Editor Jim Clark; Prod Des Richard MacDonald; Art Dir Jack DeShields; Set dec George Gaines; Cos Robert De Mora; Spec Eff Richard E. Johnson, Charles Spurgeon; Makeup Ben Nye, Dick Smith.

Genre: Spy Drama/Thriller

Summary: Babe Levy is a college student training for the Olympic marathon. His brother, a CIA agent, is the victim of an attempted murder in Paris and comes to Babe's apartment to seek safety. Apparently, he has been involved in a covert operation to protect a former Nazi who has been hiding in South America but who has a fortune in diamonds hidden somewhere in New York. Through an odd turn of events, the Nazi comes to America to claim his diamonds. In New York, he mistakes Babe for someone involved in his dealings and tries to torture the truth out of him. Babe manages to escape, only to find that the cat-and-mouse game has has been playing is much larger and more dangerous than he ever expected.