Madigan's Millions
1969, 77 min.
A Mike Nichols-Lawrence Turman Production
Embassy Pictures

Dustin Hoffman (Jason Fister), Elsa Martinelli (Vicky Shaw), Cesar Romero (Mike Madigan), Gustavo Rojo, Franco Fabrizi, Fernando Hilbeck, Riccardo Garrone, Gerard Tichy, George Raft, Fernando Gilbert, Jose Maria Caffarel, Alfredo Mayo, and Umberto Raho

Prod Sidney Pink; Dirs Stanley Praeger, Dan Ash; Scr Jim Henaghan, Jose Luis Bayonas; Dir of Photog Manuel Rojas (Movielab); Music Gregorio Garcia Segura; Editor Antonio Ramirez

Genre: Crime comedy

summary: Jason Fister, a U. S. Internal Revenue Service investigator is sent to Rome to recover $1 million hidden by Mike Madigan, a gangster who was deported from the United States, fled to Rome with the million, and was murdered there by racketeers seeking the money. Rome police refuse to cooperate with Fister and threaten to arrest him if he persists in his investigation. Fister makes the acquaintance of Madigan's daughter, Vicky Shaw, who keeps secret from Fister her relationship with Madigan. (Fister believes that she was his mistress.) Vicky, who has a young child, permits Fister to sleep on her couch one night so that he might avoid his pursuers. The next morning Fister finds between the cushions a bloodstained apple with a key embedded in it, and he finds the money in Vicky's child's possession. Police apprehend the gangsters as they attempt to steal the money. After Vicky admits to Fister that she is Madigan's daughter, they decide to marry.--AFI Catalog of Feature Films