1974, 111 min.
United Artists

Dustin Hoffman (Lenny Bruce), Valerie Perrine (Honey Bruce), Jan Miner (Sally Marr), Stanley Bech (Artie Silver), Gary Morton (Sherman Hart), Rashel Novikoff (Aunt Mema), Guy Rennie (Jack Goldstein), Frankie Man (Baltimore Strip Club MC), Mark Harris (San Francisco Defense Attorney), Lee Sandman (San Francisco Judge), Susan Malnick (Kitty Bruce at Age 11), Martin Begley (San Francisco Judge), Phil Philbin (New York Cop), Ted Sorrell, Clarence Thomas (New York Attorneys), Mike Murphy (New York District Attorney), Buddy Boylan (Marty), Mickey Gatlin (San Francisco Cop), George DeWitt (Comic), Judy LaScala (Chorus Girl), Glen Wilder, Frank Orsati (Hunters), Michelle Young (Nurse's Aide), Allison Goldstein (Kitty at Age 1), Bridghid Glass (Kitty at Age 2), Jack Nagle (Rev.Mooney)

Prod Marvin Worth; Dir Bob Fosse; Scr Julian Bany (based on his play); Dir of photog Bruce Surtees; Editor Alan Heim; Prod Des Peter Larkin; Set dec Nicholas Romana; Cos Albert Wolsky

Genre: Biography

Summary: A biopic on controversial comedian Lenny Bruce. LENNY starts its story when Bruce meets his stripper wife, Honey. Mostly, though, the film--cutting back in forth in time--deals with Bruce being pressured into doing a middle-of-the-road act when his genius compels him to scream obscenities and cover anti-Establishment material. Bruce gets in endless trouble over obscenity laws, which only drives him further into self-destruction, mad genius, and eventually death from an overdose.