Kramer Vs. Kramer
1979, 105 min.
Columbia Pictures

Dustin Hoffman (Ted Kramer), Meryl Streep (Joanna Kramer), Jane Alexander (Margaret Phelps), Justin Henry (Billy Kramer), Howard Duff (John Shaunessy), George Coe (Jim O'Connor), JoBeth Williams (Phyllis Bemard) Bill Moor (Gressen), Howland Chamberlain (Judge Atkins), Jack Ramage (Spencer), Jess Osuna (Ackemman), Nicholas Hommann (Interviewer), Ellen Parker (Teacher), Shelby Brammer (Ted's Secretary), Carol Nadell (Mrs. Kline), Judith Calder (Receptionist), Peter Lownds (Norman), Kathleen Keller (Waitress), Dan Tyra (Court Clerk), David Golden (Grocer), Petra King (Petie Phelps), Melissa Morell (Kim Phelps), Donald Gantry (Surgeon), Ingeborg Sorenson Ins Alhanc, Richard Barris, Evelyn Hope Bunn, Joann Friedman, Quentin J. Hruska, Joe Seneca, Frederic W. Hand, Scott Kuney..

Prod Stanley R. Jaffe; Dir Robert Benton; Scr Robert Benton (based on the novel by Avery Comman); Dir of photog Nestor Almendros (Panavision, Technicolor); Music Henry Purcell, Antonio Vivaldi; Editor Jerry Greenberg; Production Designer Paul Sylbert; Set dec Alan Hicks; Makeup Alan Weisinger; Costumes Ruth Morley

Genre: Drama

Summary: Ted Kramer, a hustling, hardworking New York ad agency executive, finds himself acting as both father and mother to his son Billy when his wife, Joanna, suddenly leaves her family to "find herself" in California. The father and son bond is strained at first, but as the two live alone together, they form a relationship of mutual respect and love. Ted becomes such a devoted father, that he slips up on the job and gets fired. Soon after, Joanna comes back to New York, more confident, gainfully employed and eager to get her child back. Ted wants to challenge her in court and hires a top lawyer, who counsels him to get a new job quickly. Right before Christmas, he manages to get a job at a smaller agency but for less money. After an emotional court case, Joanna wins custody but decides to let Billy stay with Ted when she comes to pick up the little boy.