| HOOK |

1991, 142 min.

Dustin Hoffman (Captain James Hook), Robin Williams (Peter Banning/Peter Pan), Julia Roberts (Tinkerbell), Bob Hoskins (Smee), Maggie Smith Granny (Wendy Darling), Charlie Korsmo (Jack Banning), Glenn Close (Gutless), Jan Cobler (Secretary), Phil Collins (Inspector Good), Laurel Cronin (Liza), David Crosby (Tickles), Don Davis Dr. (Fields), Mary Bond Davis (Prostitute), Ruth de Sosa (Secretary), Gary Epper (Growing Pirate), Jasen Fisher (Ace), Ryan Francis (Young Peter), Lauren Friedler-Gow (Lost Boy in Play), Stephanie Furst (Mermaid), Kevin Gasca (Lost Boy in Play), Bogdan Georghe (Lost Boy), Rene Gonzalez (Lost Boy), Caroline Goodall (Moira Banning), Raushan Hammond (Thud Butt), Wayne Aten (Umpire), Jacob Hoffman (Little League Player), Maxwell Hoffman (5 Year Old Peter), Rebecca Hoffman (Jane in Play), Gwyneth Paltrow (Young Wendy), Regina Russell (Mermaid), Alex Zuckerman (Latchboy) .

Prod Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, Jerry Molen; Dir Steven Spielberg; Scr Nick Castle, Jr, Jim V. Hart; Dir of photog Dean Cundey; Music John Williams; Editors Michael Kahn; Production Designer Norman Garwood; Art dir Thomas Sanders; Co-producers Gary Adelson, Craig Baumgarten; Exec Prod. Dodi Fayed, Jim V. Hart; Set dec Henry Alberti, Joseph Hodges, Peter Kelly, Garry Lewis; Costumes Anthony Powell

Genre: Comedy

Summary: Peter Banning is a very successful 40-year-old American attorney who has a loving wife, two healthy kids and the business world at his feet. In his adult life, though, he's lost all sense of childlike wonder and spontaneity. When his son and daughter are kidnapped by an ancient nemesis and dragged off to a faraway land, Peter is forced to fight his fears and trade the business world for Neverland. In this enchanted world, he must put his life on the line to rescue his children -- and himself -- from Captain Hook.—Adapted from TriStar Production Notes