Who Is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me?
1971, 108 min.
National General Pictures
Cinema Center Films

Dustin Hoffman (Georgie Soloway), Sidney Armus (Marvin), Candice Azzara (Sally), Regina Baff (Ruthie Tresh), Susan Bell (Sky Phone Operator), Rudy Bond (Newsdealer), David Burns (Leon), David Burns (Georgie's father), Joe Cicari (Marty), Gabriel Dell (Sid), Dom DeLuise (Irwin), Josip Elic (Chomsky), Martin Greene (Uncle Louis), Rose Gregorio (Gloria Soloway), James Hall (Lemuel), Barbara Harris (Allison), Irwin (Georgie's accountant), Amy Levitt (Susan), Robyn Millan (Samantha), Shel Silverstein (Bernie), Betty Walker (Margot), Betty Walker (Georgie's Mother), Jack Warden (Dr. Moses), Ed Zimmermann (Holloran)

Prods Ulu Grosbard, Fred Caruso, Herb Gardner; Dir Ulu Grosbard; Scr Ulu Grosbard, Herb Gardner; Dir of photog Victor J. Kemper (DeLuxe Color); Music Shel Silverstein; Editor Barry Malkin; Prod Des Harry Horner; Set dec Leif Pedersen; Cos Anna Hill Johnston; Sound Jack C. Jacobsen, Richard Vorisek; Makeup Special Effects Dick Smith

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Fantasy

Summary: Successful pop songwriter Georgie Soloway is spiraling into his mid-life crisis. He's racked up 60 hit songs in one year but frets over whether he can continue to create winners. He's also delusional. He fears that his latest relationship with Allison, a singer, will be destroyed by a man named Harry Kellerman. Kellerman, according to Georgie, has been responsible for his previous failed relationship. To try to deal with his neuroses, Georgie sees a psychaitrist; but he finds no peace of mind with therapy. Likewise, his business associates yield very little understanding for his problems. And when he visits his parents for possible comfort, he discovers that his father is dying. Terribly distressed by the news, he gets in his jet and flies away.