Family Business
1989, 114 min.

Sean Connery (Jessie McMullen), Dustin Hoffman (Vito McMullen), Matthew Broderick (Adam McMullen), Rosanna de Soto (Elaine McMullen), Janet Carroll (Margie), Victoria Jackson (Christine), James Carruthers (Court Clerk), John Connell (Wake "Suit" Cop), Raymond H. Bazemore ("Caper" Guard), Mary Cooper (Rose), Ed Crowley (Charlie), Thomas A. Carlin (Neary), Tony di Benedetto ( Phil), Tom Dillon (Tenor), Nick Discenza (Detective), Rex Everhart (Ray Garvey), Paul Forrest (Tenor #2), Conrad Fowkes ("Caper" Detective), Luis Guzman (Torres), John Capodice (Tommy), Willie C. Carpenter ("Caper" Cop), George Kodisch (Wake Cop), Susan Korn (Margo), Hal Lehrman (Assistant DA), Joe Lisi Desk (Sergeant), Salem Ludwig (Nat)

Prod Lawrence Gordon, Burtt Harris, Arnon Milchan, Jennifer Ogden; Dir Sidney Lumet; Scr Richard Burridge, Vincent Patrick; Dir of photog Andrzej Bartkowiak; Music Cy Coleman; Editor Andrew Mondshein; Production Designer Philip Rosenberg; Set dec Gary J. Brink; Costumes Ann Roth Makeup Joe Cranzano, Ilona Herman

Genre: Drama, Action-Adventure

Summary: Three generations of McMullen men are in diagreement over the future of the family business--crime. Patriarch Jessie believes its character-building and remains dediated to his vocation. His son, Vito, rejected the business after suffering a mild setback early in his career. Now young Adam has dropped out of MIT graduate school to become a thief. Jessie is willing to teach him everything he needs to know. And if Vito can't stop them, he may have to join them.