Billy Bathgate
1991, 107 min.
Buena Vista

Dustin Hoffman (Dutch Schultz), Nicole Kidman (Drew Preston), Loren Dean (Billy Bathgate), Bruce Willis (Bo Weinberg), Steven Hill (Otto Berman), Stanley Tucci (Lucky Luciano), Steve Buscemi (Irving), Darryl Caron (1st Bell Hop), Anthony Catanese (Luciano Thug), Ted Cleanthes (Supervisor), John Clohessy (Racetrack Program Seller), Robert F. Colesberry (Jack Kelly), Frances Conroy (Mary Behan), Kevin Corrigan (Arnold), John Costelloe (Lulu), Tony Cucci (Luciano Thug), Noel Derecki Billy's (Gang Member), Paul A. DiCocco, Jr. (Luciano Thug), Joseph Dolphin (News Vendor), Jerry Guarino (Hitman), Paul Herman (Dutch's Thug), Barton Heyman (Banker), Xander R. Berkeley (Harvey Preston)

Prod Robert F. Colesberry, Arlene Donovan; Dir Robert Benton; Scr Tom Stoppard (based on book by E.L. Doctorow); Dir of photog Nestor Almendros; Music Mark Isham; Editors Alan Heim, David Ray, Robert Reitano; Prod Des Bruce S. Pustin, Thomas A. Razzano, Patrizia Von Brandenstein; Art dir Dennis Bradford, Tim Galvin, John Willett; Costumes/Costume Designer Joseph G. Aulisi; Choreography Pat Birch; Makeup Richard Dean, Rosemary Zurlo

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Crime

Summary: In Depression-era 1935, every kid from the East Bronx dreams of a better life. One fearless boy, Billy from Bathgate Avenue, is the thousand-to-one shot to make something of himself. Streetwise and armed with sharp, cunning instincts, Billy is convinced that joining mobster Dutch Schultz's gang is his passport to the good life. Resolved to be recognized and accepted by the racketeer, he starts out as a flunky for the crime ring and finds himself surrounded by ruthless mobsters, including the glamorous Bo Weinberg and numbers wizard Otto Berman. A quick study, the boy catches on to what it takes to succeed, and soon, under the watchful eye of Schultz, Billy graduates form lackey to trusted confidant. But life in the underworld is filled with mistrust and suspicion, and as Dutch's power and control wane, Billy must rely on everything he's learned from his mentor to save his own skin and carve a personal niche in the rackets.—From Touchstone Pictures Production notes