American Buffalo
1996, 88 min.
Samuel Goldwyn Company, in association with Capital Films
Prairie Oyster Production, in association with Punch Productions

Dustin Hoffman (Teach), Dennis Franz (Don), Sean Nelson (Bobby)

Prod Sara Green, Gregory Mosher; Exec Prod John Sloss; Dir Michael Corrente; Scr David Mamet; Dir of photog Richard Crudo; Music Thomas Newman; Editors Kate Sanford; Prod Des Daniel Talpers; Sound Robert Jackson, Ronald Judkins

Genre: Drama

Summary: Donny Dubrow runs a junk shop. When he realizes that he has sold a buffalo head nickel to a customer for a lot less than its worth, he decides to steal it back. He also decides that as long as he's pulling the heist, he might as well clean the guy out. Donny's accomplice in the robbery is his young gofer Bobby, a surrogate son and for whom the robbery will serve as a rite of manhood. Donny's longtime friend and poker buddy Teach has other plans, though. He wants to keep the kid out of the action and do the robbery himself. "Loyalty is fine," says Teach, "but this is business." When Donny weakens under the pressure of Teach's assault of Donny's conscience, Bobby stumbles and Teach pounces on him. "We live like the cavemen," Teach says, uncharacteristically self-aware, as he surveys his wreckage.