Executive Circle

DWW's Executive Circle consists of 13 executives from major film studios. This elite group of executives provides mentorship to female directors participating in both DWW and the AFI Conservatory. They offer guidance about the studio system, how projects are green lit, advice on taking notes, and the role of the studio executive.

The Executive Circle is formed by the following female executives:

Alana Mayo — VP Production, Paramount
Alison Small — SVP Production, Brownstone Productions
Anikah McLaren — SVP Production, Fox Searchlight
Annie Laks — VP Production, Paramount Animation
Chantal Nong — VP Production, Warner Bros
Daria Cercek — VP Production, Fox
Erin Westerman — VP Production, Good Universe

Kristin Burr — EVP Production, Disney
Lauren Abrahams — VP Production, Sony
Maradith Frenkel — VP Production, Universal
Niija Kuykendall — VP Production, Warner Bros
Sara Scott — VP Production, Universal
Tonia Davis — VP Production, Chernin Pictures