The AFI Conservatory's Financial Aid Office is committed to assisting both prospective and current Fellows with the knowledge and understanding necessary to finance this unique education. Our goal is to assist Fellows with the financial aid process while enrolled and to assist our alumni with any financial aid needs after completion of the program. This site will help you understand financial aid eligibility at the Conservatory, as well as additional financing options to meet your individual needs.

Apply for Aid
If you are a United States citizen or permanent residents and wish to apply for financial aid at the AFI Conservatory, please follow the steps outlined below:


Obtain your federal Personal Identification Number (PIN) at Your federal PIN will never change and will be used to apply for federal aid each year, apply for federal student loans online and track federal loans in the future. Obtaining a PIN is the first step in applying for aid at the Conservatory. You may obtain a PIN at any time online or retrieve a PIN already assigned to you.


Beginning January 1, 2015, prospective and accepted applicants are encouraged to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at for the 2015-2016 academic year.* While our priority deadline is April 15, 2015, we will accept late applications, but cannot guarantee funds will arrive by Registration Day if filed after our priority deadline. The federal PIN obtained in step one will allow you to sign your FAFSA electronically. The FAFSA on the Web is the most efficient way to file for aid, as well as the fastest way to get your application to the Conservatory. Make sure you include the Conservatory as one of the schools designated to receive your application. Our FAFSA (federal school) code is G22220.

*Paper FAFSA applications are available in the Financial Aid Office if you are unable to or uncomfortable with applying online. Please note that the paper application process takes longer to complete and has a higher error rate than the online version.


Read your mail and e-mail! The Financial Aid Office may need additional documents to finalize your eligibility, for example, copies of your 2014 federal income tax return and/or the verification worksheet. The Financial Aid Office will contact you to request additional documents if necessary.


The Financial Aid Office will send each Fellow an award notification detailing financial aid eligibility, as well as instructions on how to apply for educational loans.
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