Letters of Recommendation

Uploading Documents

  • For issues with uploading documents, please be sure your documents are PDF (in format, not in filename) and no larger than 150KB. Additionally, please be sure you are running the latest version of Adobe Acrobat.

Online Application


  • We only accept hard copy transcripts — please plan accordingly for your institution to mail upon applying.
  • Please send all transcripts from previous undergraduate or graduate studies.
  • While grades are given some consideration, the Admissions Committee uses transcripts primarily to gain a better sense of the applicant's background and specific areas of study. Applicants who do not have any undergraduate experience are eligible to apply to the Certificate program, and are not required to submit transcripts.
  • Transcripts can be mailed directly to AFI Admissions from the issuing institution. We will not accept transcripts from the applicant unless it remains in the original sealed envelope from the originating institution.
  • For December 1 applicants, the transcripts are not due by the application deadline (December 1) but should shortly follow in order to complete the application for review.

Narrative Statement

  • One of the most important parts of the application is the narrative statement. The Narrative Statement should consist of:

    1. Your background (1 page)
    2. Your motivation for applying to the discipline (1 page)
    3. A personal statement (1 page)
While your statement should be clear and well-written, do not forget to convey individual personality. Speak honestly and openly. The Narrative Statement is an additional opportunity to demonstrate your artistic voice, as well as your desire and commitment to enter this renowned program.


  • The résumé should list, in detail, the applicant's education to date as well as set experience and professional work accomplished.

AFI Scholarship Application

  • If you wish to apply for AFI Scholarship funds, you must submit the AFI Conservatory scholarship application. Download the pdf application, complete it and the required essay(s), and you will be asked to upload it in pdf format within the online application.


  • The minimum TOEFL score requirement is 100 Internet-based score (IBT), 250 computer-based (CBT) or 600 paper-based (PBT). Please allow appropriate time for test scheduling.
  • The minimum IELTS score is 7.0. Please allow appropriate time for test scheduling.
  • Applications will not be reviewed without receipt of a qualifying TOEFL or IELTS score.
  • The AFI Conservatory testing code is 9760.
  • For December 1 applicants, the TOEFL/IELTS scores are not due by the application deadline (December 1) but should shortly follow in order to complete the application for review.

Supporting Materials

  • Given the large number of applications received each year, the Committee is unable to review more than the specified number of minutes per sample according to the discipline requirements. There is no minimum length requirement, although pieces shorter than 5 minutes may not provide the best example of narrative filmmaking. Please refer to each discipline's application requirements for the maximum length allowed per moving image submission.

If you have more specific questions about the application process or the Conservatory, please contact the Admissions Office at 323.856.7628 or you may inquire via e-mail at [email protected].