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Christine Adams

Christine Adams is a Los Angeles-based cinematographer and camera operator specializing in Steadicam and gimbal. She majored in film at California State University Monterey Bay before beginning her professional career.

Adams moved to LA in the fall of 2013 and immediately started working at a camera rental house. She was able to learn the equipment and gain knowledge from cinematographers and camera assistants who would frequent the shop. Fortunately, her rental house attained one of the first Movis, so she got her hands on it right away and practiced operating whenever she could.

She became a proficient tech and assistant on weekends until she gained enough clients to do freelance full time. When she wasn’t assisting, she was shooting her own projects on the side as a director of photography and operator. Two years ago, she decided to add Steadicam to her repertoire and has been primarily hired as a Steadicam operator on narratives, music videos, commercials, documentaries and live music events.

Ana M. Amortegui

Born in Medellin, Colombia, Ana M. Amortegui obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering while working at the same time as a professional dancer. With a passion that spanned many different disciplines, she found herself in demand as a choreographer on a variety of shows for Colombian television. By working in television, she became fascinated by the talent and skill of those behind the camera. Bonds with these talented technicians and artists quickly formed, and Amortegui fell in love with the filmmaking process. She graduated from the Art Institute of California in 2010 and was accepted into Film Independent’s prestigious Project: Involve in 2009. Additionally, she earned scholarships from Panavision and Arri to study Cinematography in the Maine Media workshops.

She lensed GENTE-FIED, the web-series that premiered at Sundance in 2017, and has shot features for TV for networks like BET and TVone. Amortegui is very passionate about what she loves, what she does, who she is, and what she wants to become. She is always looking for opportunities to get better, get more experience, be on set, get to know more people and do what she loves to do: shoot!

Meagan Arnold

Meagan Arnold is a cinematographer from Stephens City, VA. She is a graduate of George Mason University, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video Studies with a concentration in Cinematography. Upon graduation she was given an award of distinction for her work as a DP in the program. Her documentary OFF THE FIELD showed in 10 film festivals, including the AS Film Festival in Rome, Italy. The film won Best Student Film at the 2016 IndieCapitol Awards, and was a selection in the Best of Film at Mason.

Arnold was selected as a panelist for the #GalsNGear Livestream at the 2018 NAB Show. Blackmagic and FoxFury Lights granted her a camera and lighting package to shoot her thesis film REFLECTION. Last year, she was a guest speaker at #GalsNGear workshops on cinematography for Women in Film and Video DC. Currently she works at Scheimpflug, an equipment rental house in Manhattan, where she is a Camera Technician. Her passion for the craft radiates through her work, which currently spans 12 award-winning short films and three documentaries.

Jackie Bao

I’m a visual storyteller and image-maker. I take photos, shoot films, and work as a camera assistant in the LA area. I studied photography and human rights at Bard College, and earned a master’s in design at Carnegie Mellon. The camera has always been my tool to communicate stories, and cinematography adds to it multiple layers of craft and choice. I held shadowing experiences with DP Nate Goodman, ASC, and director Leslie Libman, and recently shot a dark comedy short about Juuling.

In other lives, I’m a dog mom, nature enthusiast, and a small-wave surfer.

Amber L.N. Bournett

Amber L.N. Bournett is an award-winning cinematographer and director based in Atlanta. While studying fine art and film and video at Georgia State University, Bournett co-founded the independent production company House of June. She then served as a videographer under an indie music label. Bournett gained training as a camera prep technician at Commander Lighting and Grip, before joining the union as a camera assistant.

As an independent filmmaker, Bournett has served as cinematographer and co-director to several award-winning short narratives. In addition to national festival screenings, several of her narratives have screened internationally. Her ATL Airport Shorts triptych LEVITATE, LEVITATE, LEVITATE, was selected for Cannes Shorts through the THEA program. Amber has contributed additional photography for feature films, documentaries and series including TALES (BET) and UNITED SKATES OF AMERICA (HBO), and the independent feature HIS, HERS, AND THE TRUTH.

Rochelle Brown

Rochelle Brown is a Jamaican-born artist based in the Los Angeles area where she works as a camera assistant on Feature Films and Television shows. She is an aspiring Steadicam and camera operator. She moved to the United States at the age of nine and continued her schooling all the way through college where she attended the Savannah College of Art and Design where she received her undergrad degree in Film and Television. Since then, she has worked in film and television serving as second assistant camerawoman on shows such as BROOKLYN 99 and HOMECOMING. She is currently the B camera second assistant on SPACE JAM 2.

Kimisha Renee Davis

Kimisha Renee Davis is a Los Angeles-based cinematographer and director. She was recently named ‘A Rising Star in Cinematography’ by Anton Bauer.

Davis’ love of film shifted from in front of the camera to behind the camera. She majored in acting, vocal music and musical theatre in high school at the School for Creative and Performing Arts. She attended Carnegie Mellon University for acting and she pursued fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Additionally, she graduated Summa Cum Laude in audio and video production at Cincinnati State.

She is currently a film student on the Dean’s List at ArtCenter College of Design, majoring in cinematography and minoring in directing. She is in development on a feature film and television series.

Lulu Gargiulo

Lulu Gargiulo is a Seattle-based cinematographer who never attended college or film school. Hired as a set PA, she worked her way up in the camera department, going from loader to DP, over a number of years. Her work has brought Lulu to many locations around the world and she is known for her hard work ethics and passion for a project. As a cinematographer, Gargiulo has shot dozens of documentaries, commercials and music videos— including the award-winning feature, THE MOST DANGEROUS YEAR, the PBS miniseries THE MEANING OF FOOD, ads for Xbox and McDonald’s, and music videos for the Pixies and Mudhoney.

Her narrative work includes TOPLESS (2019 short), THE COLLECTORS (Best Drama, LATV FEST) and THE YEAR OF MY JAPANESE COUSIN (PBS drama).

Gargiulo was honored with the Neil Shipman Award of Excellence by Women in Film. When not shooting, she has played some kick-assed guitar in a Seattle punk band, the Fastbacks.

Em Gonzales

Em Michelle Gonzales is a Los Angeles based Cinematographer and Photographer. A proud mixed heritage Latina American, she obtained her BA from the University of New Mexico, where she majored in Photography and Foreign Languages. She started her filmmaking career in New Mexico as a Camera Assistant and Loader where she joined IASTSE Local 600 in 2014. She has worked in the camera department and studied under cinematographers such as Claudio Miranda, ASC, David Lanzenberg, Paul Thomas Anderson and Eric Steelberg, ASC. She prides herself on strong collaboration, and the ability to work within the elements of a story to find the most powerful look for a project. In her film work, she is committed to bring a voice to women and the under-represented.

Giselle Gonzalez

Giselle Gonzalez started working full-time at a grip and electric rental shop called Cine Power and Light. She knew that learning about lighting would inform her decisions and working knowledge when she decided to shift to successfully working as a director of photography. After a little over a year of working her way from an intern to a paid employee loading full trucks and running QuickBooks, she decided to transition to full-time freelancing. She chose to mainly pursue second-ACing, because she wanted to learn the camera department from the inside out, and how to work on big shows with people she could learn a lot from.

She joined IATSE Local 600 and has worked on shows and films including but not limited to GLOW (Netflix), INSECURE (HBO), SMILF (Showtime), DESTROYER (Dir. Karyn Kusama), WINE COUNTRY (Dir. Amy Poehler) and Us (Dir. Jordan Peele). Her time as a camera assistant has been invaluable.

Gonzalez is a cinematographer and camera assistant working, living and biking in Los Angeles, CA. She loves trees and stories.

Talia Krohmal

Talia Krohmal is a union Camera Assistant and indie cinematographer working on the East Coast. After studying film and photography at Marlboro College, she moved to Boston and began her career in the film industry. She has been an active member of the International Cinematographers Guild since 2015 working on commercials, television, documentaries and narrative features.

A project Talia Krohmal photographed called SPACE RACE premiered at the 2019 Boston Underground Film Festival. In her film work, she wants to tell the stories of women and people who are under represented on screen. As a female in the camera department Talia brings her unique production experience along with her photography and fine art background to her visual storytelling.

Talia recently had the opportunity to work alongside two of the most prominent female directors working in the industry today, Katherine Bigelow on DETROIT and Greta Gerwig on LITTLE WOMEN. She has worked with, and learned from, many accomplished cinematographers including Jonathan Freeman and Barry Ackroyd. Learning from these top professionals has inspired and motivated her to continue making influential work of her own.

Michelle Kwong

Michelle Kwong is a native New York cinematographer now based in Los Angeles. Her passion for visual imagery stemmed from her desire to convey, capture, and instill emotions that she previously couldn’t do with words alone. Kwong’s love for visual imagery began with her exploration of photography, which gradually grew into an interest in cinematography.

She has shot a wide range of content that include narrative short films, music videos and commercials. Her work has garnered accolades and screened in film festivals around the country, including her college thesis film, INSIDE BOXES, which was a finalist for the 2016 Cannes Short Film Corner.

When not working as a director of photography, Kwong actively works as a first and second camera assistant as well as a camera operator. Kwong is a proud member of the International Collective of Female Cinematographers (ICFC) and she hopes to continue growing as a director of photography and creative artist through collaboration.

Vivian Lau

Born and raised in Queens, New York, as the daughter of Asian immigrants, Vivian Lau always dreamed of doing work that she had a passion for and that made a difference in the world. She attended Emerson College in Boston for her BA in Visual Media Arts Production with a focus in cinematography. She has worked in rental houses and production studios in New York City and Boston and has since been freelancing as a cinematographer and assistant camera in Los Angeles after moving to the West Coast. She considers herself humbled and lucky to have worked with a number of female cinematographers since moving to LA, who have truly inspired her and shown that it is possible to work as a woman of color in this industry. Lau’s passion lies in working on films that showcase underrepresented individuals and telling stories that matter.

Barbie Leung

Barbie Leung is a New York cinematographer and camera operator focused on narrative film. She worked as a non-union AC, then G&E, before moving to camera operator and cinematographer.

Her notable narrative shorts include dramedy TELL BY DATE (Outfest 2019), and psychological thrillers CRYBABY (Slamdance Best Short Screenplay, Fantasia 2017) and DISFORIA (Outfest, Newfest, Newport Beach 2018). She was also an additional cinematographer on feature documentary NETIZENS (Tribeca 2018). She’s had the pleasure of working as B camera operator on DP Zoe White’s THE MISOGYNISTS, DP Alice Brooks’ THE REMIX (Tribeca Film Festival 2019) and HALF THE PICTURE (Sundance, SXSW 2018). She joined the SOC (Society of Camera Operators) as an associate in early 2019.

Leung has shot branded pieces for Vice and Condé Nast. Clients include Red Bull, Facebook, Avon, Uber and Lyft. She’s an active member of two cinematography collectives, the ICFC (International Collective of Female Cinematographers) and CinematographersXX.

She currently lives in Sunnyside, Queens with her partner of 15 years, and in her free time curates her two terrier’s Instagram accounts.

Hannah Levin

Hannah Levin is a Los Angeles-based cinematographer working in film and television. She has shot several shorts, both scripted and documentary, including IT’S ON ME, WOOF – FRAGRANCE FROM CHANEL and NIKE. She shot the music video BLINK for the artist Frankie and the experimental dance short QI, which played at various national film festivals. She is a member of IATSE International Cinematographers Guild and works primarily as a Camera Assistant. She has had the privilege of working under the mentorship of Matthew Libatique, ASC, Oliver Bokelberg, ASC and Daryn Okada, ASC, as film loader and camera assistant. Her feature credits include IRON MAN, COWBOYS AND ALIENS, NEED FOR SPEED and THE CIRCLE. In television, credits include ABC’s award-winning drama SCANDAL and SINGLE PARENTS, and Comedy Central’s CORPORATE, as well as various commercials. She obtained a BA in Film Production at Emerson College.

Priscilla Mars

Priscilla Mars is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker and photographer. She grew up in Fresno, California and moved to LA to attend UCLA’s School of the Arts and Architecture where she focused on photography, graduating in 2014 with a Bachelor in Art and a minor in film. After college, she worked as a photographer for Ambulante California Film Festival and photo coordinator at Variety Magazine. She watches movies every day, and has shot over 20 music videos. Recently she has been working on photography books, freelance assignments, portraits, and more music videos.

Layna McAllister

Layna McAllister started her path to the film industry with an associate’s degree in Broadcasting with the goal of becoming a videographer for international news. She moved to Los Angeles, where she was a Production Assistant for the special effects production house David Stipes (STAR TREK). She learned a great deal about high-speed and stop-motion photography.

She became a PA with the premier commercial production house, Film Fair, which opened doors into the camera department. Producer Lexi Godfrey (MADONNA: TRUTH OR DARE) saw her potential and insisted to cinematographer Daniel Pearl (THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACER films) to have his camera team teach her to become a camera assistant. Since then, McAllister has worked with many cinematographers — Marco Mazzei, Eric Alan Edwards and Benji Bakshi as their first assistant camera, all of whom then gave her the encouragement and opportunity to operate camera.

She is a Local 600 camera operator based in Los Angeles, CA and Hamilton, MT.

Bridget McQuillan

Bridget McQuillan is a photographer and camera assistant based in Brooklyn, New York, by way of Omaha, Nebraska. She graduated from Creighton University in 2013 with degrees in journalism and graphic design before working as a freelance photographer and videographer for various musicians, nonprofits and small businesses in Omaha. She moved to New York in early 2019 to pursue a career as a cinematographer and currently works as a camera assistant. She’s most passionate about creating work centered around musicians, immigrant and refugee communities, women, and anyone who is underrepresented in media. Outside of storytelling, her greatest passion is to travel anywhere her passport will take her.

Haley Watson

Haley Watson is a Los Angeles based-filmmaker and cinematographer. The Chicago native began her career while living in eastern Washington state. After working on an independent feature film in rural Washington, she realized her passion for filmmaking. She diverted her studies to filmmaking and graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s in CineMedia and a bachelor’s in psychology. Since graduating, she began working as a first assistant camera. She has worked in the camera department on narrative and commercial projects over the past six years.

Watson currently resides in Los Angeles and has recently completed her second narrative short film as a cinematographer since the beginning of 2019. She also expects to see two documentaries completed this year. For THE ANNUAL ERRAND NORTH, she worked as both director and cinematographer.